Trump Casino is blown up – who can push the button

Trump Casino is blown up – who can push the button

CSU and Free Voters, Greens, SPD and FDP once again clearly distinguished themselves from the AfD. Prime Minister Markus Söder called on the AfD to rethink its approach in the state parliament over the summer break.

Photo manipulated in a targeted manner and distributed via Facebook

Stadler had used a photo from the Landtag’s homepage on his Facebook page, which shows Aigner surrounded by children raising blue balloons. The photo was then manipulated: the AfD logo was suddenly visible on some balloons.

“” In his public Facebook account, through a photo montage, Mr. Stadler asserted the false fact that, as President of the Landtag, I had AfD balloons rise with children, “said Aigner, emphasizing:” “That is suitable for me as a person of political life to make contemptuous. “”

A party political advertising campaign on the grounds of the state parliament would not be compatible with her non-partisan office as state parliament president. “Above all, it would be extremely disgraceful to take advantage of children for this.” “That is, unlike Stadler in a comment on Facebook,” “anything but a harmless joke” “.

“” This is a direct attack on the integrity of my person and on the office of the President of the State Parliament, “said Aigner. “Above all, however, it is also a significant violation of the law to the detriment of the schoolchildren and their teacher.” “The children and the teacher could easily be identified, even if Stadler had pixelated their faces. “” I will not accept any of this and with the criminal complaint I will draw a line as a clearly recognizable sign for everyone who does not want to abide by the rules here in the state parliament. “”

Ilse Aigner rejects an official apology from Stadler

Aigner reported that Stadler had removed the manipulated picture after the intervention of the Landtag Office and formally apologized to her in a letter. “” With this I say very clearly: I do not accept this apology. “” The fact that Stadler presents the whole thing in another Facebook entry as a joke, makes her doubt the sincerity of the apology.

“I also decidedly reject the apology because a pattern can be seen here: there is provocation and written or unwritten rules for dealing properly with one another are violated.” “A short time later, the unbelievable apology follows. “And I am no longer willing to play this game.” “Stadler initially did not react to Aigner’s criminal complaint.

Before that, Landtag Vice President Markus Rinderspacher had formally reprimanded Stadler in the plenary debate – it was already the fourth reprimand for an AfD man this year. Stadler had linked Fabian Mehring with “” SS-Sprüche “” in an interim remark. Rinderspacher reprimanded this as “” derailment “” of the AfD MP, Mehring himself criticized Stadler and the AfD as “” a total intellectual failure “”. “” You are a shame for this House, you are a shame for the Free State of Bavaria. “”

In the traditional closing remarks before the summer break, Söder said in the direction of the AfD that the party’s style and approach had not helped, and that an “internal split” within the party was evident. Aigner complained that the atmosphere in the state parliament had changed and that the tone was rougher. Up to this year, there had not been a single complaint for decades – that speaks for itself.

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Aigner also announced a tough line from the state parliament presidium: “” Violations of the rules must simply not remain without consequences. “” Greens parliamentary group leader Katharina Schulze praised the fact that the “” amalgamation of all democratic groups “” then works. “If the far right spreads hatred and agitation, then we stand together”, said Schulze and emphasized: “” There is no place here for anti-Semites, for racists and for misanthropists. “”

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The Federal Ministry of Transport is apparently preparing a lawsuit against Austria. The reason are driving bans. The move comes shortly after Austria’s successful legal action against a CSU prestige project. 

In the dispute between Germany and Austria over several transport issues, the Federal Ministry of Transport is planning a lawsuit against the neighboring country. Head of department Andreas Scheuer (CSU) described the block handling of trucks on the Tyrolean border and the blocking of highways for alternative traffic on the sidelines of the CSU board meeting on Monday in Munich as “” deeply discriminatory “”.

“” I can only strongly reject this behavior, “” said Scheuer. The lawsuit will now be discussed in the coalition. There was initially no precise schedule. For the lawsuit to come, the cabinet made up of the SPD, CDU and CSU must agree. It is just as unclear whether the SPD in particular is willing to do so, as is the question of what is supposed to be discriminatory about the procedure. 

Block handling for trucks

Again and again – mostly on expected busy days – Tyrol only allows up to 300 trucks per hour from Bavaria to drive through Innsbruck in order to relieve the pressure on its own motorway. However, German trucks are not selectively blocked and Austrian trucks allowed through.

Those responsible say the block clearance is necessary to protect the population from exhaust fumes and noise. As a result, however, trucks jam on German roads many kilometers from the Austrian border. For a few days now, the state of Tyrol has also been trying to stop the alternative traffic so that drivers can stay on the motorway even if there is a traffic jam. You shouldn’t drive over villages on smaller roads. The measure is to apply on all weekends until mid-September.

Disappointing, silly, incomprehensible

CSU boss Markus Söder supports the lawsuit that his party colleague Scheuer is seeking. The Bavarian Prime Minister described the behavior of Tyrol as disappointing. One wants to stay in conversation with Austria, but also has to clarify the legal question. Söder categorically ruled out driving bans in Bavaria. Such countermeasures are silly.

The head of the CSU regional group in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, described the traffic restrictions in Tyrol as incomprehensible. This is not a good company. In order to reduce the high volume of traffic in the Inn Valley, Scheuer wants to shift part of the traffic to the railways. Talks were ongoing about this.

Austria prevents the CSU toll

The fact that Scheuer explicitly claimed that Austria was acting in a discriminatory manner may have something to do with Austria’s successful lawsuit against the German car toll. This was enforced by the CSU against warnings. Scientific experts in the Bundestag also objected that a toll, for which German motorists are specifically relieved, could be viewed as discriminatory under European law. Scheuer and the CSU ignored the warnings and are now in need of an explanation because the federal government had to terminate contracts with companies that it had concluded before the verdict was pronounced. Now there is a threat of compensation claims. 

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According to participants in the CSU board meeting, Söder is said to have said about it: “” The toll judgment hits the CSU to the core. That is a severe blow. “” Scheuer emphasized, however, that the failure of the planned toll also has financial consequences: “” We have lost billions of dollars in revenue for the transport budget. “” You now have to deal with that, but it is important to keep ongoing investments in the infrastructure not to cut.

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Negative interest rates are feared, and Greens boss Robert Habeck is now making a suggestion: A sovereign wealth fund should not only help with the restructuring of the economy, but also bring people profits.

In the debate about negative interest rates, the Greens called for the establishment of a state fund. Party leader Robert Habeck told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” “that negative interest rates are” “expensive for savers and dangerous for financial market stability” “. It is therefore time for a “” citizens’ fund “”. In addition to the statutory pension system, this could improve private pension provision for most people.

“The fund should be open to all citizens and invest in meaningful projects for restructuring the economy in the long term,” said Habeck. Citizens would benefit from increased profits; at the same time, the situation on the financial markets could stabilize. Habeck referred to existing models such as the Norwegian state fund. “In this respect, such a citizen fund would not be rocket science, but feasible.” “

Greens boss Habeck advocates state funds

Habeck turned against the demand by Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) to ban negative interest on assets up to 100,000 euros. A ban on passing on costs would only lead to higher fees for bank customers, said the co-Greens chairman.

Bavaria wants to apply to the Federal Council that amounts up to 100,000 euros are generally exempted from penalty interest. In response to Söder’s initiative, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has examined whether negative interest rates for small savers can be banned.

The SPD budget politician Johannes Kahrs spoke in the “” Süddeutsche Zeitung “” in favor of reviving the private customer business of the state federal finance agency. “” There used to be federal treasury bills and the federal daily loan, “said the member of the Bundestag. “” Now you should calculate whether you can reintroduce that. But not for people who have 100,000 euros in the bank – these are no small savers for me. “” 

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 Negative interest, also called penalty interest, arises when the investment of money no longer brings interest, but on the contrary costs money. The main reason for this is that the deposit rate at the European Central Bank (ECB) is currently negative and the banks partly pass this penalty rate on to their customers in order to prevent losing business.

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Berlin (dpa) – The union debate initiated by CSU boss Markus Söder about a cabinet reshuffle in the summer does not come to rest.
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Several prominent CDU politicians called for a quick decision on such a step in “Spiegel” – and did not expressly rule it out. The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet tried to slow down the discussion.

“” The federal government has not even been in office for two years. We should just let this government work, “” Laschet told the “Handelsblatt”. Laschet leads the largest CDU regional association and is also deputy chairman of the federal party. He added: “Incidentally, I am basically of the opinion that a government reshuffle, should it be necessary at some point, can simply be done and not talked about for six months” “.

Söder had repeatedly expressed his firm will to fill ministerial posts in Berlin and also created the impression that it could be about ministers appointed by the CDU. Laschet said: “” The CDU itself decides on its ministers. The Union is well advised to take one step at a time. “” He added: “” First we decide on the candidate for chancellor, then there will certainly be a team that goes into the election campaign. “”

Alongside Söder and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Laschet is repeatedly traded for the Union’s candidacy for chancellor. Söder has already declined. When asked whether he sees his place in Düsseldorf and not in Berlin, Laschet said: “” As you can see right now, my place is in Düsseldorf. And we in the CDU and CSU will talk about the line-up for the federal election when it comes up. “”

The chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, told the “” Spiegel “”: “” A cabinet reshuffle would only make sense now in February or March. “” He added: “” The Union must not deal with it until the summer “”, because big issues like the EU Council Presidency, administrative reform or innovations for more climate protection would have to be tackled. “” Cabinet reshuffles are either done now or not. Who the CDU and CSU send to the cabinet, they will decide for themselves, “said Kuban.

Lower Saxony’s CDU boss Bernd Althusmann made a similar statement. “” If that is really wanted, it should also be implemented soon, “” he told the “Spiegel” “. “” Otherwise the impression of tiresome personal debates remains, which at the moment seem superfluous to me. “” Union SME Head Carsten Linnemann (CDU) said: “” A digital ministry in which competencies are bundled is more necessary than ever. “” He criticized the “” Spiegel “”: “” At the moment we are affording a patchwork of responsibilities in digital politics, with the result that we are not making fast enough progress in this important area. “”

Outstanding audience rating: “” The Rosenheim Cops “” wanted to see over six million people. The series shows popular actor Joseph Hannesschläger for the last time before his death. 

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